The Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander Project (1)

11 February 2016

Community Learning Centre - British Airways Headquarters, Waterside, Harmondsworth


Sir Richard Fairey Lecture

The Airlander 10 Project

Tom will describe the development and design of the Airlander; the largest, most innovative and greenest aircraft in the world today.  He will explain how Airlander combines aerostatics, aerodynamics and vectored thrust to provide unparalleled flexibility, capability and fuel economy.  Airlander aircraft have the ability to carry extremely large payloads and take-off and land from any flat surface including grass, desert, ice and water.  Their endurance is measured in weeks and they can fly at over 100 mph.  Tom will also discuss the current EASA certification program, market opportunities and potential market size.  He will then explain the inherent safety of the Airlander and complete his lecture by describing Hybrid Air Vehicles’ commitment to outreach programmes that will help inspire younger generations.

For Security clearance to enter the Waterside base to attend the lecture contact the Branch Secretary, Dr. Ana M Pedraz on 07936 392799 or preferably by email to

Speaker Details

Tom Grundy

Tom Grundy is the Operations Director for Hybrid Air Vehicles, a post that he has held since February 2013. 

He is a member of HAV’s executive management team, and he leads the teams responsible for building, maintaining, operating and supporting Airlander, for supporting HAV’s business operations and for business Quality Assurance.Tom is an Aerospace Engineer with 15 years experience of developing, testing and implementing new aerospace products and services. 

Tom joined HAV from BAE Systems, where he led and grew the company’s new and innovative business supporting the RAF’s Tornado fleet in a risk-sharing partnership with the MOD. Prior to that, he led the Engineering development, test and demonstration of several Unpiloted Air Vehicle systems, testing and operating aircraft in a number of countries worldwide. He has also worked on winglet development for Airbus and held Engineering and managerial roles on the A380 and Eurofighter Typhoon programmes. 

Tom holds degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Advanced Systems Engineering, is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.



Community Learning Centre - British Airways Headquarters, Waterside, Harmondsworth