The Lockheed SR71 Blackbird

8 September 2016

National Cold War Museum


The Lockheed SR71 Blackbird is an aircraft that causes writers of lecture previews to run out of superlatives. Col Graham describes it as the fastest, sleekest, most sinister looking aircraft in the world. It makes even Concorde seem mundane. Almost every facet of its operation is on the extremes of aviation, from its speed, its operational altitude and even the way it starts up.

Col Richard Graham is the world's leading speaker on the SR71. He flew it, trained pilots on it and eventually commanded its operational base and the aircraft deployed around the world from that base. He is also a highly engaging speaker.

Regular attendees at the Birmingham Wolverhampton and Cosford branch lectures should PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS TALK IS ON THE SECOND THURSDAY OF THE MONTH AND NOT THE THIRD


Speaker Details

Col Richard Graham

Location Details

National Cold War Museum