The RAeS UAE Branch welcomes you all to our Annual General Meeting

11 May 2015

Auditorium, Building A,Emirates Training College


Dear all,

The RAeS UAE Branch welcomes you all to our Annual General Meeting on 11 May 2015 as we wrap up our 2014-15 season.

The Meeting will be followed by an informative lecture on Ground Accident Prevention by Anastasia Argyrou from Air Arabia.

Aircraft ground damage is a serious concern for airlines worldwide. Ground safety incidents may affect flight safety and very often they cause operational disruptions, delays, financial losses and passenger discomfort. Airlines tend to subcontract their ground handling operations to third parties resulting in reduced control over the ground services provided. Airlines fly to diverse destinations with varying levels of ground handling services available. How can airlines practically control ground safety incidents and effectively reduce ground damage in this new operational model? Anastasia Argyrou, Ground Safety Officer, Air Arabia describes how Air Arabia's ground damage reduction strategy is implemented and its results so far.


Speaker Details

Anastasia Argyrou, Air Arabia

Anastasia Argyrou has been awarded a B.(Eng) in Aerospace Materials Technology from the University of London, Queen Mary College. After completing her studies, she did her OJT at the Hellenic Aerospace Industry, as a Heavy Maintenance Mechanic on the Greek Air Force C-130s. She then moved on to Hellas Jet  and Aegean Airlines in maintenance roles before getting started with OSHA and EMS systems in the airline. She also directly participated in the European Commission and IATA’s Environmental Working groups. In 2013, she joined Air Arabia, where she is responsible for the creation and implementation of SMS for Ground Ops and MRO plus OSHA programs for the Air Arabia Group.She believes that ground operations safety can be improved without compromising On Time Performance, by streamlining processes, coordinating ramp activities and cooperating between the various stakeholders.

Location Details

Auditorium, Building A,Emirates Training College