The Royal Observer Corps: Above & Below Ground

9 March 2016

Fusion Restaurant, Airbus Defence & Space, Gunnels Wood Rd, Stevenage


For 70 years the Observer Corps / Royal Observer Corps (ROC) undertook unique roles in the of the UK. Firstly being the 'Eyes and Ears' of the RAF and then in the Cold War undertaking a nuclear role. Find out what over 200,000 men and women who were mainly volunteers did for you and see working examples of the equipment that they used.

John Joined an electronics company after leaving school and after attending day release at college realised he wanted to specialise in radar. He joined the RAF and served in the UK, Singapore and Berlin. At the end of his service in 1975 he joined a defence company in Stevenage still known to many as British Aerospace as an engineer. Seven years later we want back into uniform part-time serving in the ROC for 13 years. He served as one of the underground crew at the Bedford ROC Group Control (bunker). He later undertook a special role which will be explained. Completing his service as a Chief Observer when the Corps was 'Stood-down' in 1995. He has a Masters degree in management and after 34 years service is now retired from MBDA. He in a member of the National ROCA Heritage Team. He has also been instructing radio and radar subjects to Air Cadets at RAF Brampton for the past 20 years.

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Contact: Luke Hamnett, Amy Glover

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John Shere


Fusion Restaurant, Airbus Defence & Space, Gunnels Wood Rd, Stevenage