Toulouse Branch Lecture - “French Carrier Air Group – Air Power at Sea” by Aymeric de Valence

29 March 2016

Salle du Sénéchal


Toulouse Branch Lecture - “French Carrier Air Group – Air Power at Sea by Aymeric de Valence.


Brief summary of the lecture:

- The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle: characteristics, performance and capacities

- The french airwing: different squadrons, how do we function on board the ship

- Weapons and systems used

- Strengths and weaknesses of a battlegroup at sea

- Focus on current operations in Irak & Syria

- Landing on a ship: technique and procedures

Speaker Details

Aymeric de Valence

Brief bio:

Aymeric de Valence  joined the French navy in 1995 as a 19 years old student pilot. He did his training mostly in the US Navy (flying T-2 Buckeye and A-A Skyhawk) and received his « wings of gold » in april 1999.

1999-2003: assigned to a Super-Etendard Squadron 

2003-2006: Exchange Programm in the US Navy flying the F/A-18 Hornet 

2006-2011: Back to Super-Etendard (Director of operations and Head of training)

2011-2013: Transitioned to Rafale, director of operations

2013-2015: Deputy commander of the french airwing

Aymeric ended up with the rank of Lieutenant commander, 4500 flying hours, 70 combat missions and 480 carrier landings.  He is a  « chevalier de la légion d’honneur » and was also given the « médaille de l’aéronautique ».


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