UAS Human Factors

24 May 2016

Royal Aeronautical Society


The global market for unmanned aircraft – commonly known as “drones” - has grown substantially over the past few years, primarily driven by the growth in military use. Technical capabilities of unmanned aircraft, and their associated technologies, have matured over this period, such that these technical developments are enabling new markets and driving high growth rates in civil applications.  

As this technology develops and as we discover the idiosyncrasies of unmanned aviation, there is a trend developing in the type of incidents being reported in their use, notably loss of the command and control link, engine failure and human error.  

This unique Royal Aeronautical Society workshop aims to identify and discuss the main human factors to be considered in the design and operation of UAS, notably issues relating to workload, fatigue, design, maintenance, and UAS operations.  

We will be joined by a distinguished panel of speakers drawn from across industry and academia, and they will discuss the HF issues relating to UAS operations. 

Confirmed speakers: 

Reaping Rewards for Future UAS Design: Understanding Human Factors issues in live RPAS Operations 
Dr Georgina Fletcher, Principal Human Factors Consultant, Frazer-Nash Consultancy

Human Trust in Intelligent Systems
Fiona Cayzer, Human Factors Lead, BAE Systems (Military Air & Information)

Exploring Human Factors and Risk Attitude with Regard to Small RPAS Operations
Peter McCarthy, Lecturer, Human Factors and Accident Investigation, Cranfield University

The Challenges and Risks Posed by Human Factors in RPAS Operations and Airspace Integration
Ricky Huntley, Regional RPAS Safety Advisor, SGS Hart Aviation 

Plus Dr Karen Robertson, Principal Scientist, Aircrew Systems, QinetiQ

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