Virtual Maintenance Training

22 February 2017

Wynn's Hotel, Dublin


The use of VMT Simulation in Aircraft Maintenance Apprenticeship Training

We have seen the proven ability of simulation to enhance pilot training. The introduction of maintenance scenario simulators is attempting to replicate its success as applied to the flying community. Gregory, will explain how these simulators can be used to provide engineering students with a broad range of activities to improve their learning experience.

We hope to have, on site, a live training system for demonstration.

Time: 8pm

 Members an Non-Members Welcome !

Speaker Details

Mr Gregory Dunne

Gregory Dunne is a Lecturer in Aviation Technology in the Dublin Institute of Technology.

During his career, he has see a dramatic shift in training methods from a pure theoretical level to an increased ‘hands-on’ approach to student development.


Wynn's Hotel, Dublin

Wynn’s Hotel

Lower Abbey Street,

Dublin 1.