Young Person's Lecture Competition

7 April 2016

Metropolitan Restaurant, MBDA


We have a five enthusiastic lecturers ready to compete for our coveted Stevenage Branch Trophy and a chance at £250 prize money.

Please come along to support them as they hone their presentation skills.

Guests will also be offered complementary wine, cheese and a choice of soft drinks.


-Homemade Turbine Engines:     J. Kemp

-A Plane that Runs on Seaweed      M. Carlo

-Can Human Centrifugation Make a Mission to Mars Possible?      C. Laing

-Phobos Sample Return     I. Fernandez Nunez

-Automatic Depend Surveillance Broadcast       M Sajjad

Please register with the event contact below to join us for an evening of entertainment while hopefully learning something new!

Contact: Rachel Sanderson (


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Metropolitan Restaurant, MBDA