Australian Division

In 1948 the Council of the Society decided that certain Branches should have greater autonomy of action to enable them to meet local conditions and on the 1st January 1949 Divisions of the Society were formed in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The Australian Division is governed by a Council which meets three times a year. The Council comprises 10 elected Councillors and a representative from each of the 6 Australian Branches. The Branches are centred on the capital cities of each state and provide a comprehensive programme of lectures and visits. The Sydney Branch can trace its origins back to 1927 and was the first RAeS Branch formed outside of the UK. The Melbourne Branch was formed in 1953 and Adelaide Branch in 1956. Canberra Branch was approved in late 1962 and Queensland Branch in 1992. Proposals to form the Perth Branch were ratified in 2002.

Contact details:

President Andrew Neely CEng FRAeS
Treasurer John King
Secretary Robin Stanier

Contact Peter Brooks
Tel: +61 2 9523 4332

Website: Click here


Chairman: James Blagg

Secretary: Andrew Clark

Contact: James Blagg


Tel: +61 8 8362 5445  

Website: Click Here


Chairman: Keirin Joyce

Secretary: Neville Probert

Contact: Neville Probert


Tel: +61 2 6251 5420  

Website: Click here 


Chairman: Murray Stimson

Secretary: Kassem Seedat

Contact: Kassem Seedat


Website: Click here 


Chairman: John Hinton

Secretary: Kassem Seedat

Contact: John Hinton


Tel: +61 8 9385 8647


Chairman: Horace Leung

Contact: John Howie


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Chairman: David Cox

Deputy Chairman: David Adkins

Secretary: John Vincent

Contact: John Vincent


Tel: +61 418 139 980

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