Paris Branch

The RAeS Paris Branch was formed on the 29 April 2004 at the British Ambassador’s Residence, 39 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, at an event hosted by the Ambassador, Sir John Holmes, the RAeS President, Sir Peter Norriss and Monsieur Jean-Paul Béchat, Snecma Group Chairman and CEO.

Recent Events

Most recently, Jan Woerner, ESA Director General, gave the Lindbergh Lecture on the theme of United in Space. Jan is pictured here with Branch President, David Cook IEng FRAeS, and Howard Nye FRAeS, Paris Branch Secretary, Member of the RAeS Space Specialist Group and newly-elected member of Council.

Contact Details:

President: David Cook IEng FRAeS
Secretary: Howard Nye FRAeS
Contact: David Cook IEng FRAeS
Tel: +33 6 1135 4330   

Branch Profile:

For many years British Members of the Society living in the Paris area were interest in the idea of creating a local Branch of the Society, until that time represented in France only by the Toulouse Branch. They were supported by a number of senior aerospace executives working for French companies with close ties to the UK, for example the Safran Group and, so, on 29 April 2004, at a British Embassy reception to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 'Entente Cordiale', the foundation of the Paris Branch was announced. Our inaugural meeting was held on 24 October 2004, with a lecture from General Ranou, former Chief of Staff of the French Air Force and the Branch was officially registered with the French Charity Authorities on 27 November of that year, making us probably one of the youngest Branches in the Society.

Currently our membership lists 40 Society members, plus 25 Student members primarily from one of our biggest supporters, IPSA (Institute Polytechnique des Sciences Appliques), a private university specialising in aerospace studies and also a Corporate Partner of the Society. IPSA very kindly provide access to lecture theatres on their campus at Ivry sur Seine for the six lectures on average organised each year, in French or English/. The Branch has, since its foundation, also hosted a 'champagne Breakfast' at each of the three intervening Le Bourget Air Shows, with the kind support of the Show's organisers, SIAE. Furthermore, we have recently accepted the honour of hosting the 'Charles Lindbergh Memorial Lecture' in recognition of the close links between this pioneer of international aviation and The City of Light.

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