Brough Branch

Founded as the Leeds Branch in 1927, the Branch owed its existence to the support given to it by the directors and technical staff of the Blackburn Aeroplane and Motor Co. Ltd., the headquarters of which were in Leeds. Gradually the Blackburn Company transferred activities to its seaplane base at Brough and as staff numbers were progressively reduced in Leeds, this inevitably led to a transference of the Branch interests to Brough and the formation of the Hull and Leeds Branch in 1929. Formally entitled the Brough Branch in 1936, the Branch has continued to be supported by the site through the various changes/mergers leading to todays BAE Systems. The annual Sir George Cayley lecture was introduced into the Brough Branch lecture programme in 1952. The lecture is given in honour of Sir George Cayley (1773-1857) who was a proud Yorkshireman and rightly regarded as the ‘Father of Aviation’

Contact Details:

President: Dave Corfield
Chairman: John Newton
Secretary: Ben Groves
Contact: Ben Groves
Tel: 01482 663938