Heathrow Branch

The RAeS Heathrow Branch was formed from the combined London Airport Branches of SLAET (founded in 1950) and RAeS (founded in 1955). The Branch membership principally covers Middlesex, although regular attendees also travel from neighbouring counties and from central London. The Branch meets regularly at British Airways Waterside and all members and non-members will receive a warm welcome.

In 2016, the Branch has established social media presences in a variety of locations to share specialist knowledge and information - ant it's also a place for individuals to engage with the branch and each other.

Contact Details:

President: Willie Walsh

Chairman: Graeme Catnach

Secretary: Dr. Ana M Pedraz

Contact: Dr. Ana M Pedraz

Email: secretary.raeslhr@gmail.com

Tel: 07936392799

Branch Website:

Click here for the Branch Website