What are Flight Operations?

The Flight Operations Group represents the views and interests of those involved in all aspects of flight operations, and the committee includes commercial, private and glider pilots, flight engineers, air traffic controllers, cabin crew and managers.


Group objectives

The Flight Operations Group aims to:

- Contribute to the Society conference and lecture programme and assist in the organisation thereof;

- Coordinate advance thinking on flight operations matters by means of specific subject working groups;

- Produce specialist papers to assist the formulation of the Society’s stance on flight operations matters;

- Publish other technical documents to support and enhance safety and professional standards in flight operations;

- Identify and recommend subjects for research to be advocated and/or supported by the Society;

- Assist in the provision of material for publication in the Society publications. 


The Group has a programme of visits to manufacturers, airfields and museums, and arranges conferences either alone or in conjunction with other specialist groups within the Society, or with other organisations such as The Honourable Company of Air Pilots.

The committee provides expertise to assist the Society in the formation of policies pertinent to flight operations.

Get in touch

If you specialise in this field, or wish to find our more, explore our additional resources below. To get involved with the activities of the Air Transport Group please contact the Chairperson by contacting conferences@aerosociety.com.