Greener by Design

What is Greener by Design?

Greener by Design was formed in 1999 by the Royal Aeronautical Society and bodies representing airports, UK airlines and the aerospace industry, bringing together experts from every part of the aviation industry with Government bodies and research institutions.

The initiative is sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and is supported by other bodies in the aviation sector but it is non-aligned, researching and advising independently of any interest. 

Group objectives

Greener by Design:

  • Researches, assesses and advises Government and industry on operational, technological, economic and regulatory options for limiting aviation’s environmental impact.
  • Promotes best practice across the aviation and aerospace sectors.
  • Promotes a balanced understanding of aviation’s true environmental impact and its environmental programmes, in liaison with other groups with similar objectives.
  • Issues an annual report and holds an annual conference and workshops on sustainable aviation.


The Group arranges an annual conference covering a range of different areas within the environmental field.


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