Flight Simulation

What is Flight Simulation?

Flight Simulation is an exciting and integral part of aviation, supporting training, engineering development, academia, research and manufacturing, bringing together many sciences and technologies.

Visit the Flight Simulation Group Page - www.raes-fsg.org.uk/ 

The Flight Simulation Group (FSG) is the specialist group of the Society which deals with the design, manufacture, installation and operation of simulation equipment and synthetic environments, and the economic and human factors which bear on the use of simulators for research and development and for civil and military flight crew training.

The Group maintains a significant international footprint and keeps abreast of flight simulation requirements in both civil and military areas worldwide, including the requirements of national and multinational civil regulatory authorities.

It also serves the flight simulation industry and its workforce through a wide programme of activities that seek to educate, inform, inspire and promote flight simulation. 

The Flight Simulation Group host an external website with key historical documents, past conference papers and more - Visit the Flight Simulation Group Page - www.raes-fsg.org.uk/ 

Group objectives

The Flight Simulation Group aims to:

Position itself to work impartially both nationally and internationally at the forefront of the development, progression and adoption of advances in research, development, design, specification, procurement, production, regulation, operation, maintenance and evaluation of simulation tools and devices related to the civil and military aerospace environments, including their end-use as training devices.


The Flight Simulation Group organises two international conferences and two named lectures annually. The lectures celebrate the contribution of Edwin A Link and Capt Ray Jones to art of flight simulation. 

Get in touch

If you specialise in this field, or wish to find our more, explore our additional resources below. To get involved with the activities of the Flight Simulation Group please contact the Chairperson by contacting conferences@aerosociety.com. 

Visit the Flight Simulation Group Page - www.raes-fsg.org.uk/