What is Rotorcraft?

The Rotorcraft Group keeps the aeronautical community informed of developments across the whole range of helicopter and rotorcraft design, manufacture and operation worldwide. It aims to promote discussion on all important matters and hence provide the Society with feedback on these major issues.

The Rotorcraft Group includes members from manufacturers, operators (civil and military), research establishments and academia.

Group objectives 

The Society’s Rotorcraft Group:

  • Serves as the focus within the RAeS for all matters related to helicopters and other rotary wing aircraft
  • Is a multi-disciplinary group with broad interests, including research and development of new technology, manufacture, operations (both military and civil) and regulation
  • Provide expertise and specialist knowledge of all parts of the rotorcraft community operating in the UK to affect the preparation of Position Papers, advice and guidance to the HQ staff, a co-ordinated response to the media and the organisation of conferences and lectures on significant matters impacting or expected to impact our community
  • Emphasise on the safe operation and environmental impact of rotorcraft, on promoting the expansion of the role of civil and public service rotorcraft to the benefit of the community and on support to schools with the aim of encouraging pupils to select aeronautical engineering as their career of first choice


The Rotorcraft Group organises one major conference each year and two annual named lectures to commemorate the contributions made by Juan de la Cierva and Alan Bristow to the art, science and operation of rotorcraft.

The 2017 conference will address ‘Safe Operations in a Complex Onshore Environment’.

Get in touch

If you specialise in this field, or wish to find our more, explore our additional resources below. To get involved with the activities of the Rotorcraft Group please contact the Chairperson by contacting