Structures & Materials

What are Structures & Materials?

The Structures and Materials Group assist the Society and its members to understand the complex subjects of material use and structural design and analysis (including statics, dynamics and aeroelastics). It also covers the areas of manufacturing and testing in as much as this effects material and design requirements.

The scope extends to cover advanced CAD, CAM and CAE tools and includes Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation methodology and application. New materials development is considered in relation to its influence on structural efficiency and integrity, aeroelastic performance and production processes. 

Group objectives:

The Structures & Materials Group aim to: 

  • Promote research activities in its area of interest

  • Liaise with the Learned Society Board in the promotion of conferences, seminars, lectures and similar activities

  • Co-operate with the CEAS (Confederation of European Aerospace Societies) in the organisation of joint activities with the other participating societies

  • Co-sponsor events organised by other UK organisations having similar specialist interests covered by this Group, not necessarily in Aerospace

  • Provide specialist guidance as required by the Council of the Society

  • Issue Position Papers on matters seen by the Group to be of major importance to the Aerospace Industry.


The Group organises a biennial Structures and Materials technical Conference as well as hosting seminars on key structures & materials themed activity. 

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If you specialise in this field, or wish to find our more, explore our additional resources below. To get involved with the activities of the Structures & Materials Group please contact the Chairperson by contacting