The Space Group 

The Space Group is the specialist group within The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) charged with promoting the interests of the Society and its members in astronautics and its component scientific and engineering disciplines. These interests cover the design and manufacture of spacecraft and launch vehicles, plus the application of space techniques in such varied fields as communications, navigation, planetary exploration, astronomy and remote sensing.

What is the significance of Space?

The Space Group aims to:

  • Provides a centre of expertise within the Society in the domain of space, astronautics and related topics.
  • Ensure that publications, events and other Society initiatives relevant to the above aim are undertaken in line with the needs of Society Members and in support of the Society’s strategic objectives.


The Space Group holds a number of conferences and lectures each year on exciting topics such as Space Tourism, Spy Satellites and Robotic Exploration of other Planets. These events are usually held at the Society's headquarters in central London, although evening lectures are also occasionally held at the regional branches of the Society around the UK and abroad. 

Events held by the Space Group at the Society's headquarters are usually open to non-members of the Society; and evening lectures are free. These occasions provide a relaxed atmosphere in which participants will find an opportunity for professional networking and career development. The Space Group extends a particular welcome to students and younger members embarking on an aerospace career. 

Why is space important?

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