Project Scope

alta has been designed to:

  • Provide a mentoring scheme to support professional women in the aviation and aerospace industry including a dedicated online mentoring matching platform.
  • Review what was currently offered in terms of mentoring at each founding partner organisation and other schemes within the industry, to establish the extent to which these schemes were meeting the needs of female professionals. This has enabled us to design a mentoring scheme that complements existing schemes already operating within the partner organisations.
  • Establish what professional women wanted from an industry-wide mentoring scheme, through extensive academic research. In Phase 1 of the programme, UWE researchers were in contact with just over 250 professional women and employers in the industry, through interviews, focus groups and a survey. This has enabled us to design a mentoring scheme that is based upon employee and employer need and best practice. It has also enabled us to design a scheme that best suited the needs of women in the industry.
  • Provide career and social support to women in the industry, by women in the industry. This ‘woman-to-woman’ aspect of alta is important because we recognise from our research that gender power imbalances are endemic in the industry and there is a need to meet the specific needs of women. The support of other women can be hugely beneficial in helping female professionals meet their challenges.
  • Design and deliver face-to-face bespoke training for mentors and mentees at the partner organisations and on-line training for future mentors . All alta mentors are trained in mentoring skills. Provide online training videos, support and guidance for mentors.
  • Hold regular alta networking events per year to bring alta mentors and mentees together. Mentees will have the opportunity to make presentations to their fellow group, creating personal development opportunities. The emphasis will be on the encouragement and coaching of women to network effectively for the benefit of their business and developing their own professional network. Offer early career women in the industry the opportunity to rub shoulders and speak on an equal footing with senior women as well as gain exposure to motivational speakers. Alta events will also enable HR & Diversity Executives the opportunity to share best practice on an on-going basis, thus strengthening their own industry networks.
  • Sustain the mentoring scheme through the knowledge exchange partnership to measure progress and the impact of alta.

Alta events

Alta events will be advertised on the Events Calendar of the Royal Aeronautical Society website and through our Women in Aerospace mailing list. Alternatively, get in touch with Rosalind Azouzi, Head of Skills and Careers, for further details or to join the mailing list. | T: +44 (0)20 7670 4325 | M: + 44 (0)7824 512941