Daniel Young

Daniel is an Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) Engineer for Leonardo Helicopters and currently based at the company’s UK site in Yeovil. Daniel has been a committee member of the Yeovil Branch since June 2015 and, during that time, has become the Branch Newsletter Editor, the YPN Representative and co-ordinator of the Engineering Days in Schools initiatives.


Q: Why do you think the RAeS is important for young aerospace professionals?

A: It provides young aerospace professionals a strong support network that can enable them to grow and reach their full potential by offering a wide range of activities that cater to a number of different needs. The RAeS provides numerous opportunities throughout its framework (events, sponsorship, awards and learning resources) that can be utilised by young people looking to further develop themselves in either their careers, or their own personal lives. What I particularly find rewarding are the opportunities offered through regular networking events and specialist talks and the outreach support structure that allows me to put on STEM events (such as Cool Aeronautics).


Q: Why did you volunteer for the YPN?

A: The RAeS has a long tradition of excellence in aerospace and aviation and that is something I wanted to be a part of. My personal philosophy is to be the change you want to see in the world, because the things we do in life define who we are as a person. Volunteering and actively participating in the YPN is one way I want to shape the future of aerospace. It is also important to note that the RAeS allows a collection of individuals who have a shared interest to become a community of people working towards a common goal – the advancement of aerospace and aviation across the globe. I believe that the YPN will play an important part in achieving that overall vision.


Q: How do you aim to improve the service of the RAeS to young members at a local level?

A: The key aim I have in improving the service the RAeS provides at a local level is to bring a modern approach to how the Branch operates in my area through increasing our online presence and by creating a large impact on the local community with aerospace-based events. Communication is another important factor I want to improve within my area, so that we can make people aware of both current and future activities carried out by the RAeS. This is achieved at present through the regular email and face-toface contact I have with our local young members; however, I am always looking to expand the network wherever possible through the new opportunities offered by social media.


Q: Tell us about a past or future event for young people in your area.

A: In December I organised a Cool Aeronautics event at the Fleet Air Arm Museum (FAAM) which was attended by 151 local primary school students from nine local schools and supervised by 50 young professionals from the local aerospace industry. The aim of the event was to celebrate 150 Years of the RAeS and 90 Years of the Yeovil Branch, while simultaneously inspiring the next generation to pursue a career within aerospace. The day really captured the imaginations of everyone present and the level of enthusiasm shown by the students was wonderful to see. Due to the success of the event, the FAAM and the schools involved have personally asked if it can be turned into an annual occasion.