Academic Accreditation

In support of this, the Society is licensed to accredit academic programmes that provide the exemplifying level of understanding, knowledge and skills to underpin professional competence to help graduates on their way to registration as Chartered Engineers (CEng) or as Incorporated Engineers (IEng).

The Society accredits a wide range of academic programmes for those seeking professional registration. Graduates with accredited degrees have a distinct advantage when they apply for CEng or IEng and many employers give preference to graduates with accredited degrees. See below for a list of Accredited degree and MSc courses accredited by the Society.

However, the Society will accept any course accredited by any engineering Institution. Go to the searchable Engineering Council database of accredited courses, including those that have been accredited by the Society.

Accreditation is particularly relevant to young people planning to gain EngTech, IEng or CEng registration and a career in aerospace.

Academic Institutions seeking accreditation

For guidance notes and application forms for universities seeking accreditation or reaccreditation, go to the Accreditation Handbook. The application form and additional information can be found in the Accreditation Handbook Appendices document.

The Society charges a nominal fee of £1000 + VAT to offset the cost of accreditation visits for universities that are not members of its Corporate Partner Scheme.

The Society carries out its accreditation activities in accordance with Engineering Council Regulations, as set out in its UK-SPEC and Accreditation of Higher Education Programmes.

If you work in Higher Education and would like a Europe-wide badge of recognition for your accredited degree programmes, check our EUR-ACE information.

For more information, contact us by Email or on + 44 020 7670 4400.

Further Learning

There are a number of study options available to meet Engineering Council academic requirements for Chartered and Incorporated Engineer.

Details of all accredited degree programmes are given on the Engineering Council website:

For the following, learning contracts are assessed on an individual basis: