Accreditation of Professional Development and Apprenticeship Schemes

Professional Development Schemes

The accreditation of company training programmes, or professional development schemes, is relevant to young people planning to gain IEng or CEng and a career in aerospace.

An accredited professional development scheme is a clear indication to those entering employment in the aeronautical/aerospace industry that the employer is committed to the development of its recruits.

The Society charges a nominal fee of £1000 + VAT to offset the cost of accreditation visits for companies that are not members of its Corporate Partner Scheme.

Many organisations, commercial, military and civilian, offer accredited Apprenticeships that can lead to EngTech registration, as well as schemes for those aiming for IEng and CEng registration. Click on Accredited PD Schemes for a list of organisations with professional development or apprenticeship schemes accredited by the Society.

Information for organisations seeking accreditation

The Accreditation Handbook contains guidance notes for organisations seeking accreditation or reaccreditation. The necessary forms and additional information can be found in Accredited Handbook Appendices document.

The Society often undertakes joint visits with other Professional Engineering Institutions which can reduce the paperwork and time involved. Please note, the Society has to make a small charge to offset the cost of accreditation visits unless, for example, the company is a member of its Corporate Partner Scheme.

Recording individuals' professional development

A number of companies now use the Society's online tool, mycareerpath, as the basis for their own accredited scheme. mypath is an online log book that developing engineers can use to record their experience and achievements for CEng or IEng. All members of the Society are welcome to use it to record their evidence for applying for registration and for CPD purposes.

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