Our Apprentice Affiliate membership is available to anyone who is currently on a recognised apprenticeship scheme.

The Apprentice Affiliate membership is free for all apprentices and includes online access to our magazine, AEROSPACE,  as well as our other membership benefits.

If you're already an Apprentice Affiliate member, add it to your LinkedIn profile to let your colleagues and peers know and proudly display your RAeS membership.

At the end of the apprenticeship you will automatically be invited to upgrade to e-Associate of the Society

We also accredit apprenticeship schemes, so if your company is interested in getting your apprenticeship scheme accredited by the Society then visit our accreditation pages.

For further information about Apprentice Affiliate then please contact

Have you complete your apprenticeship and thinking about upgrading your membership? Watch this short video to find out why you should.


Application Process

Apply online providing us with details of your apprentice course.

Fees for 2017

If you prefer to receive paper copies of the above magazine, UK based apprentices pay £44.00 per year. Apply online and press the 'subscribe' button when prompted (NB: Remember to include your address). Apprentices in Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa should contact their local Division if they want to receive paper copies.


Upgrade your Apprentice Membership

Once you complete your training, you can upgrade to e-Associate so you can start using the post-nominals ARAeS after your name. Progress through the membership and registration levels as your career develops. You are able to upgrade your apprentice membership by applying for e-Associate directly online or by completing the form listed below.

Get in touch with the Membership Team on or +44 (0)20 7670 4384/4400