Companion (CRAeS)

Companionship is granted to those who are of valuable service to the profession of aeronautics, engaged in related professions with equivalent qualifications and experience as Fellows but who do not qualify for that grade.

An example of a Companion would be senior executives moving into the industry from other sectors later in their careers.

Fellows and Companions of the Society are also eligible to apply for membership of the RAF club. To download the application form click here.

 Application Process

Your application can be made online by clicking the apply now link below. After registering your details you will be asked supporting documentation including:

  • CV showing detailed work history
  • Evidence of qualifications (if applicable)
  • 2 x referees
  • Organisational chart

Fees for 2018

Application Fee: £146.00**
Upgrade/ Transfer Fee: £53.00**
Yearly Subscription Fee: £347.00***

**please note the application or upgrade/transfer fee will be waived if you are currently working for a Corporate Partner of the Royal Aeronautical Society.
***please note that all subscriptions run on the calendar year and are renewed on 1 January of each year and are valid until 31st December.

2018 Closing dates for applications

30 January 2018 - Membership Applications reviewed on 6 March and Registration Applications on 13 March

27 March 2018 - Membership Applications reviewed on 1 May 

8 May 2018 - Membership Applications reviewed on 5 June and Registration Applications on 12 June

26 June 28 - Membership Applications reviewed on 31 July  and Registration Applications on 7 August

11 September 2018 - Membership Applications reviewed on 9 October and Registration Applications on 16 October

Get in touch with the Membership Team on or +44 (0)20 7670 4384/4400