Continuing Professional Development

What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

CPD can be defined as the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge, understanding and skill, and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional duties throughout the individual’s working life. Most people are undertaking professional development activity all the time and may not realise it.

Typical CPD activities include: attending in-house or external courses, work-based learning, distance learning programmes, self-directed private study, preparation and delivery of lectures and presentations, preparation of refereed papers, attendance at

lectures, seminars or conferences, acting as a mentor, relevant voluntary work, learning a new computer application or learning a foreign language.

The Society's policy on Continuing Professional Development 

The RAeS recognises the importance of CPD and expects all of its Engineering Council registrants to undertake appropriate CPD for their professional development. It is not the Society’s policy to be prescriptive in what registered members are asked to do. The Society believes registrants and, where appropriate, their employers are best placed to decide what CPD is appropriate to maintain the knowledge and skills required for their current and future roles. The Society is committed to supporting registered members and has produced a number of tools to help them, such as mycareerpath (which is the online tool to help them record and develop their professional development), mentoring and specialist groups. The Society expects registrants to be able to demonstrate, if requested, their commitment to CPD. Written evidence will be required at registration for EngTech, IEng and CEng. At other times, registrants may be surveyed to establish whether the Society’s policies and support services for professional development are useful and effective.

Though the Society does not stipulate what constitutes CPD for membership, competence E4 in UK-SPEC expects applicants for EngTech, IEng and CEng registration to carry out CPD. This competence will be assessed during the Professional Review and Interview so it is very important that CPD activities and plans are clearly listed in the Development Action Plan (to be submitted with EngTech, IEng or CEng Qualifying Report).

Certificates of attendance

To assist you with recording CPD evidence of your attendance at RAeS branch events, you may wish to complete the necessary details on the certificate of attendance template and ensure it is signed by an appropriate RAeS branch representative. This document can then be uploaded into mycareerpath as evidence of your CPD.