Initial Professional Development

Professional development is for all membersĀ 

Embarking on a career as an aeronautical or aerospace professional means that professional development will be a constant factor throughout your working life.

For those recently qualified, is the process of applying knowledge and understanding to develop competence in practical situations. It adds to the learning achieved through an academic programme, such as an HNC or degree. It addresses specialist applications, meeting specific employment and business needs including aspects of science and technology; business management and leadership; personal development plus additional job-related non-engineering skills such as training and developing others.

The essence of professional development is acquiring competence by learning from productive work experience; it is recognised that learning and experience go hand in hand. Some young professionals undertake structured training provided by their employer. Some may have completed an industrial placement as part of an accredited course. Prior learning to starting studies can also be relevant.

Once an initial training period is completed, the development process is not over. It is essential for a practising aeronautical/aerospace professional, in all manner of work environments, to keep abreast of technical innovation as well as to broaden and deepen their skills and knowledge in order to maintain competence in a very dynamic industry. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is, therefore, part and parcel of RAeS membership.

For engineers

For those registered at CEng, IEng or EngTech level, the initial professional development requirements have been defined in UK-SPEC. Aspirant engineers need to focus on their professional development and to work towards acquiring these competences.

For UK-SPEC go to: spec

Employers and Mentors

If you are member of staff with responsibility for the training of engineers and wish to discuss the role of MyCareerPath, please contact us by Email or on + 44 020 7670 4400.

Certificates of attendance

To assist you with recording CPD evidence of your attendance at RAeS branch events, you may wish to complete the necessary details on theĀ certificate of attendance template and ensure it is signed by an appropriate RAeS branch representative. This document can then be uploaded into mycareerpath as evidence of your CPD.