About Professional Registration

Professional registration is an important achievement for any Aerospace engineer or technician. It establishes their proven knowledge, understanding and competence and establishes to your peers and employers that you have demonstrated a commitment to professional standards, to developing competence and to a life-long commitment to professional development.

Regardless of age and years in work or qualifications; registration is open to all engineering professionals who can demonstrate competence to perform professional work to the necessary standards, and commitment to:

  • Maintain that competence
  • Work within professional codes
  • Participate actively within the profession

Depending on your career, you can apply to progress from one category of registration to the next as you move your grade of membership from one to the next.

The RAeS is a licensed body of the Engineering Council. If you are an engineering professional, you can apply through us as an Engineering Technician (Eng Tech), Incorporated Engineer (IEng) or Chartered Engineer (CEng).

We are offer three categories of registration, click on of the links below to download a free e-book for each level of registration.

Benefits of Registration

  • identifies you as a competent engineer 
  • indicates both your competence and commitment to the profession
  • recognition that you have received education and training that meets UK and international standards for knowledge and experience

Further Learning

There are a number of study options available to meet Engineering Council academic requirements for Chartered and Incorporated Engineer:

Details of all accredited degree programmes are given on the Engineering Council website: http://www.engc.org.uk/education-skills/course-search/acad/

For the following, learning contracts are assessed on an individual basis:

Already Registered with another institution?

You can request to transfer your CEng, IEng, EngTech professional registration from another UK engineering institution to the RAeS. In order to transfer your registration, you must be a member of the RAeS. If you are not already a member, find out more on how to apply at here. Once you have joined the RAeS at the appropriate level of membership, contact us at membership@aerosociety.com and we will be able to transfer your registration for you. You will need to ensure that your Engineering Council subscription payments are up to date. We do not charge a transfer fee to switch your Professional Registration to the RAeS.