Professional Review Interview

Professional Review Interviews (PRIs) are held approximately every two months.

The main interview centres are: 

BAE Systems, Warton (near Preston), Rolls-Royce, Derby, BAWA Filton (Bristol), and RAeS HQ, Hamilton Place (London).*

Interviews will take place in London and Filton on the following dates: 08 February, 05 April, 05 July, 13 September and 08 November.

*Additional Interview dates are available for Derby, Filton, London and Warton on 14 February, 11 April, 11 July, 19 September and 14 November.

** The last closing date for successful final CEng and IEng registration applications to be included on the EngC Register for 2018 is 11 September.

If there is sufficient demand to hold an interview session on-site at a company, Military or MoD location, this can be arranged.  We will do our best to meet your request but dates and venues are subject to availability.

We also offer the possibility of remote web-based video interviews for overseas applicants.

Useful information