Senior Managers' Route to Registration

Who can apply?

The Senior Managers' Route to registration is a streamlined process for senior aerospace engineers who are able to fulfil the Society's requirement for Fellowship and demonstrate the competences required by the Engineering Council for Chartered Engineer (CEng) registration.

If you are already a Fellow FRAeS of the Society you are welcome to apply for registration only.

Senior aerospace engineers are defined as individuals who hold a significant position of responsibility for engineering judgement, solutions and process application, and who are operating at the top level within an organisation which recognises registration as an integral part of their employees professional development.

How to apply

Applicants using this Senior Managers' route need only submit the application form and CV rather than the detailed submission that is normally required. The process will consist of:

1) Submission of the application Form and supporting documents

2) Assessment of the applicant for Fellow (if not a Fellow already)

3) Assessment of the applicant for registration

4) A professional Review Interview conducted by the Society

*evidence required for this application may differ depending on if you have met the pre-requisite exemplifying qualifications. Please see the guidance notes below for more information.

If you think you may be eligible for this route please contact the membership team to discuss your application on