Journal of Aeronautical History

The Journal of Aeronautical History is a free-to-access online publication covering all aspects of aerospace history and the development of aircraft and aeronautical engineering. 

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Editor: Dr C G B (Kit) Mitchell CEng FRAeS

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Aims and scope

The aims and scope of The Journal of Aeronautical History are intended to reflect the objectives of the Royal Aeronautical Society as expressed in its Charter of Incorporation. Briefly, these are to encourage and foster the advancement of all aspects of aeronautical and space science. The Aeronautical Journal includes most of the topics covered by the various Specialist Groups of the Society. The Journal of Aeronautical History is intended to cover topics particularly relating to the history of aeronautics and space science. These include the history of air and space vehicles, powerplants and equipment, histories of aeronautical organisations and enterprises, biographies of people who have contributed to aeronautical and space activities, accounts of particular episodes, incidents, campaigns and commercial developments, and the development of aeronautical knowledge and space science.

Papers are therefore solicited on all aspects of the topics listed above, and on related topics not specifically listed. Papers will be subject to peer review before publication. 

The Journal of Aeronautical History will be a web-based publication, but in all other respects will follow the standard set by The Aeronautical Journal. Hard copies will be kept on file for reference at the National Aerospace Library and in the reading room at Hamilton Place.

Papers will be considered for publication in The Journal of Aeronautical History if they meet the terms and conditions listed in the instructions for authors. If these are not met, the Editor reserves the right to withdraw the paper without redress, which may be at any time up to publication.

Papers should be sent to: Dr C G B (Kit) Mitchell, Royal Aeronautical Society, No.4 Hamilton Place, London W1J 7BQ, United Kingdom.

Editorial Board


Dr C G B (Kit) Mitchell

Associate Editors

Frank Armstrong        former Chairman RAeS Historical Group
Ian Debenham            President of the Aviation Historical Society of Australia(NSW)
Peter Elliott                RAF Museum
Peter Davison             formerly Science Museum
David Featherstone     Former Chairman, Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee
Philippe Jung              President Commission Histoire, Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France (AAAF) 
Mick Oakey                Managing Editor, The Aviation Historian
Air Comm N Parton    Defence Equipment & Support