If you are thinking about applying for a graded membership or if you are an engineer submitting your application for professional registration then this guide might just help you.

Which grade of membership should you apply for?

First, you’ll need to decide which grade of membership or professional registration is suited to you. Our membership grades are based on academics and experience in industry, so for example, if you have just graduated then the Associate Grade ARAeS is for you and with more experience in role in aerospace then you may consider a higher grade.

Click this table for the criteria for each grade:

You will notice on the table above that you must apply for the correct grade of membership in order to apply for different levels of professional registration.

If you are not sure which grade of membership to apply for please send a copy of your CV to membership@aerosociety.com

Starting your application

If you haven’t done so already you will need to register your details on our website here or log in to your account.

One you have updated your personal details you can then start a new application, making sure you have selected the correct grade of membership.

When applying for professional registration you will need to start a membership application first and then start a second application for registration. These applications can be submitted at the same time.

Here is what you’ll need to prepare and submit your online application: 

An up to date copy of your CV

Organisational Chart

Qualifications – details and copies of your certificates

Qualifying Report Form (if you are applying for professional registration)

Details of 2 x referees. These will need to know you in a professional capacity and do not need to be members of the Society. If you are applying for the Fellow FRAeS Grade then these will need to be Fellows of the Society. If you are applying for Professional Registration then your referees must be registered to the appropriate level.

Please note that once submitted your application will automatically be sent to your first nominated referee for approval. You will then be required to pay the application fee before the closing date, however, if you are working for a Corporate Partner of the Society then this fee is waived.

Submit your application in time for the next Membership Committee

We have closing dates throughout the year and therefore to make sure your application is seen in the quickest possible time it is best to submit your application in time for the next closing dates:

11 September 2018

27th November

Have you recently finished studying and looking to upgrade your membership?

Don't forget that we have a discounted membership for you, called e-Associate. If you have recently graduated or finished your approved apprenticeship then you will be eligible for this grade.

Please apply with this application form and send it to membership@aerosociety.com

Completing your Qualifying Report Form for Professional Registration

You might be working on becoming professionally registered as a Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer or Engineering Technician and if this is the case you’ll be working on your Qualifying Report Form.

There are guidance documents and examples of these on our website here.

Here’s a link to the Engineering Council’s UK SPEC.

Are you having trouble with your online application?

Just get in touch with the membership team on membership@aerosociety.com or (0)20 7670 4384

23rd July 2018