The Greener by Design and Propulsion Groups will be holding a joint conference 'Alternative Fuels and Propulsion Systems' on 21st October 2014 at RAeS HQ to address the following key questions:

- When might alternative propulsion systems be expected to be introduced for
 Civil Aircraft – and what are the most likely candidates?
- What are some of the new ideas in terms of advanced fuels?
- What are the limiting factors likely to be in the longer term (2050 time frame)?
- What should be done to encourage advanced fuels in the short term (2020 time

- What should the Government be doing in the light of the recent call for 

Speakers from the following organisations will be presenting: Airbus (Keynote speech to be delivered by Dr Jean Botti, Chief Technology Officer), Rolls-Royce, Bauhaus Luftfahrt, Boeing, Solena Fuels, The European Commission, BP, ECOFYS, British Airways, Sustainable Aviation Fuels Group and E4Tech.

Who should attend?

People working in the following groups and industries:
- Transport Associations
- NGOs
- Academic Centres of Excellence
- Politicians
- Airlines
- Aircraft & Engine Manufacturers
- Sustainable Aviation Specialists
- Regulatory Bodies
- Oil Companies
- Biofuel Producers

To view more information about this conference, click here. To register online, click here.

Conference and Events
26 September 2014