The RAeS Structures and Materials Specialist Group have just announced their next conference which will examine the ‘Future Trends in Certification of Advanced Technology Structures’. This event will take place on 16 September 2015 at the National Composites Centre in Bristol.

The conference will specifically focus on possible changes in the processes employed to certify aircraft structures as viewed by both certification authorities and platform/ engine constructors. The Organising Committee are in the process of inviting presentations from the GA and commercial aircraft field as well as spacecraft structures and turbine engines. 

Issues the conference hopes to address include:

  • How are manufacturers modifying their processes in order to produce new products in a shorter timescale and at lower cost? 

  • How are certification authorities changing their requirements to meet the new technologies and reduced timescales?

Registration is now open so to find out more and to book your place click here. The Organising Committee are currently putting the programme together so please check our website again in the summer for updates.

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22 April 2015