On the 1st of December our newly registered engineers will be published in the Telegraph, look out for the article to see our members listed and recognised as professionally registered engineers.

Professional Registration with the Engineering Council is something we are very proud to provide our members and is an important part of an engineer’s career. This internationally recognised qualification demonstrates your skill and competence in industry and helps with career progression and recognition amongst your peers and employers.

Every year we accept applications from engineers to become professionally recognised as Chartered Engineers CEng, Incorporated Engineers IEng or Engineering Technicians EngTech. We are licenced by the Engineering Council to assess the competence of engineering applicants and are very proud to say a big congratulations to the following people who are the latest of our members to gain a professional registration qualification:

Chartered Engineers

ER Bartlett, AJ Beaton, D Best, KM Chu, M Donoghue, AJ Fielder, NCM Fox, LK Frowen, RB Goldie, AR Goodwin, SJ Harris, JL Huish, A Jacob, RD James, B Khandelwal, I Lappas, WHH Leung, BT Littley, JR Martland, OM Merrill, MB Mohamed, B Musulo, AP Neve, EHJ Nicholson, KK Nijindar Singh, PD Norman, A Ologunro, P Patilla Sanchez, LJ Peacocke, RD Ponting, ASC Price, O Rhodes, J Rickard, AJ Rooney, JM Santos, SS Santos Sancho, M Schiavone, MT Stockwell, E Szigeti, ND Thornton, SL Wallis, L Wang, FL Whitby.

Incorporated Engineers

SJ Ashfield, A Chiaranda, J Flint, KJ Haycock, G Thomas, M Weigh, MW Williams, R Williams, M Wood.

Engineering Technicians

SL Parker.

Well done and we look forward to supporting and following your continued successful careers.

Are you an engineer interested in becoming Professionally Registered? Get in touch with the membership team to find out about your next steps and membership: membership@aerosociety.com

Membership Team
23rd November 2016