On 8 February 2017 the RAeS hosted a Corporate Partner Briefing on delivering ISR capabilities and services worldwide. Matt Avison, ISR Sales Director for Thales UK spoke about the market place and ISR needs for manned and unmanned aircraft; capabilities from sensors to systems, security to airspace certification/integration to managed services and a view on future market and customer trends in civil, homeland security and defence applications.

We have all seen footage of Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) patrolling the skies and transmitting video evidence to analysts in a control centre, and there’s no doubting the value of such systems. In addition to UAS platforms, ISR technology can include everything from the simplest sensors right through to powerful multi-mode radar that can cover land sea and air all at the same time. Equally important are the communications and mission systems, and a team of operators and analysts who work together to acquire, interpret and manage the data, perhaps relaying it to an intelligence base, a ground patrol, a Search and Rescue helicopter, a police unit, the coast guard or somewhere else.

Furthermore, ISR clearly isn’t just for fighting terrorism. Porous borders allow the smuggling of high value goods, drugs, weapons and people. Governments, coast guards and police forces have an increasing need to understand exactly what is going on in their jurisdiction. Commercial and non-governmental organisations are examining the case for ISR, too. “We are seeing interest from customers concerned about crime, piracy, poaching and the protection of their interests in large-scale agriculture, fishing, gas and oil,” said Matt Avison.

Click here to read more about Thales and their bespoke end-to-end ISR service.

The Society’s next Corporate Partner Briefing will take place on Wednesday 22 March when the Chair of the Aerospace Growth Partnership, Colin Smith, will speak about the AGP and its strategy to maintain and grow the UK aerospace industry for the next 20 years and beyond. Please click here for further details about this event.

Gail Ward
15th February 2017