Following a request by the RAeS. General Aviation Group, ESDU (formerly the Engineering Sciences Data Unit) has agreed to allow limited electronic access to ESDU Data Items to RAeS. Members and Student visiting the National Aerospace Library and the Airbus Suite at No. 4 Hamilton Place.

What are ESDU Data Items?

ESDU Data Items contain methods, best practices, data and software tools to help solve complex Aerospace, Automotive, Mechanical, Structural and Process Engineering problems.

The Data Items cover the full range of aeronautical topics:

Aircraft Noise
Fatigue - Endurance Data
Fatigue - Fracture Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics, Internal Flow
Fluid Mechanics, Internal Flow (Aerospace)
Heat Transfer
Physical Data, Chemical Engineering
Stress and Strength
Transonic Aerodynamics
Vibration and Acoustic Fatigue
Wind Engineering

Access to ESDU Data at RAeS Headquarters and at the National Aerospace Library

Access to ESDU material is normally by subscription, but ESDU has allowed us to provide access to Members and Students visiting RAeS Headquarters and the National Aerospace Library. Members can now view Data Items ‘on screen’ subject to agreeing to the following conditions:

  • use of the data is restricted to non-commercial, private study activities;
  • Items cannot be downloaded or copied


Visitors to the National Aerospace Library can also enjoy a selection of the best books and articles on current day aeronautical topics. Select from the list below to see what is available in your area of interest.

Aerospace Medicine
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
Air Power
Air Law
Air Transport
Airworthiness and Maintenance
Avionics and Systems
Flight Operations

Flight Simulation
Flight Test
General Aviation
Greener by Design
Human Factors
Human Powered Flight

Management Studies
Structures and Materials
Weapon Systems and Technology
Women in Aviation and Aerospace


What is ESDU?

ESDU is part of IHS Inc. ESDU provides validated design methods, data and software tools covering a wide range of engineering disciplines. ESDU facilitates better and faster design using validated methods and solutions and reduces costly cycles of research, redesign and testing. ESDU methods and data form an important part of the design process for industry professionals in companies large and small and are a vital resource for scientists and engineers in research establishments and academic institutions throughout the world.

The work of the ESDU Engineers is monitored, guided and rigorously validated by technical committees comprised of leading experts from industry, academia and government organizations from around the world, and is endorsed by key professional institutions. The result of this collaborative effort is a unique and unsurpassed engineering knowledge base, which is available to IHS ESDU subscribers.

National Aerospace Library
20 May 2016