Who are the representatives of the RAeS Young Persons Network at your nearest Branch? Find out more about some of the YPN reps and they got involved in enhancing their professional career development through the Royal Aeronautical Society!

Make new friends and contacts, acquire new skills and knowledge for your professional aeronautical development. 

William Li, Heathrow Branch

William joined the RAeS in 2011 as a Student Affiliate member, while he was studying for a BSc Air Transport course at City University London. Since William joined the Society, he has been actively involved in many Society activities at HQ and the Heathrow Branch. At Heathrow, he serves as a Committee Member and the YPN Rep – actively linked in with other Young Members in the local area promoting the Society to its local institutions, businesses, colleagues and stakeholders, as well as organising young member focused events. At the Society HQ, William is a member of the Air Transport Specialist Group, where he often gains a wealth of knowledge and industry connections. Since William graduated in 2013, he worked as an Aviation Analyst and then Senior Aviation Analyst & Consultant in a consultancy firm in London for nearly three years. Now, he is at Associate Member grade with the Society.

Q:  Why do you think the RAeS is important for young aerospace professionals?

A:   Aerospace is a fairly small world compared to other industries. Colleagues within our industry rely on reputation to do business with trusted persons or organisations and networking to learn new information from each other. All of these require the right platform and the Society offers many opportunities for young professionals to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and experience. 

Q:  Why did you volunteer for the YPN?

A:   I have been an international student myself, the Society helped me a lot with the skills, knowledge and network that ultimately secured a career for me in the UK. I think it is important for giving back to the community upon your success and the best way to do so is through volunteering, both via the Young Persons Network (YPN) and other channels. In fact, by participating on those volunteering opportunities, I have gained even more skills to further enhance my career in aviation.

Q:  How do you aim to improve the service of the RAeS to young members at a local level?

A: Continuous efforts have been made at the Heathrow Branch to engage with local young members and improve the connection between them and industry. I have also been actively looking for opportunities to bring local stakeholders (such as BA, IAG and Heathrow) together, as well as organising young member-focused events. In addition to the routine get together with young members at local pubs – sharing study advice and career experience, the Branch organised an ‘Inspiring Future Generations’ event which included an industrial visit, networking reception and themed lecture in January 2017. It was attended by many local young members, as well as industry professionals and senior executives from many local businesses. In February 2017, with assistance from the RAeS Careers team, the Branch also collaborated with Heathrow Airport, participating in the tenth Annual Heathrow Jobs & Careers Fair, offering advice and engaging with many young people.



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Daniel Young, Yeovil Branch

Hi - my name is Daniel Young, and I am an Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) Engineer for Leonardo Helicopters. Currently I am based at the company’s UK site in Yeovil. The project I have been working on most recently is the creation of a Digital AFCS for the AW159 South Korean Wildcat. My main focus was primarily on the development of the Maintenance and Pre-Flight Functions, but I also expanded into system testing the Autopilot Modes.

I have been a committee member of the Yeovil Branch since June 2015, and during that time I have become the Branch Newsletter Editor, the YPN Representative, and co-ordinator of our Engineering Days in Schools initiatives.

Q: Why do you think the RAeS is important for young aerospace professionals?

It provides young aerospace professionals a strong support network that can enable them to grow and reach their full potential, by offering a wide range of activities that cater to a number of different needs. The RAeS provides numerous opportunities throughout its framework (events, sponsorship, awards, and learning resources) that can be utilised by young people looking to further develop themselves in either their careers, or their own personal lives.

What I particularly find rewarding are the opportunities offered through regular networking events & specialist talks, and the outreach support structure that allows me to put on STEM events (such as Cool Aeronautics).

Q: Why did you volunteer for the YPN?

 The RAeS has a long tradition of excellence in aerospace and aviation, and that is something I wanted to be a part of. My personal philosophy is to be the change you want to see in the world, because the things we do in life define who we are as a person. Volunteering and actively participating in the YPN is one way I want to shape the future of aerospace.

It is also important to note that the RAeS allows a collection of individuals who have a shared interest to become a community of people working towards a common goal – the advancement of aerospace and aviation across the globe. I believe that the YPN will play an important part in achieving that overall vision.

Q: How do you aim to improve the service of the RAeS to young members at a local level?

The key aim I have in improving the service the RAeS provides at a local level is to bring a modern approach to how the Branch operates in my area through increasing our online presence, and by creating a large impact on the local community with aerospace based events.

Communication is another important factor I want to improve within my area, so that we can make people aware of both current and future activities carried out by the RAeS. This is achieved at present through the regular email and face to face contact I have with our local young members; however I am always looking to expand the network wherever possible through the new opportunities offered by social media.

Q: Tell us about a past or future event for young people in your area:

Recently in December 2016 I organised a large Cool Aeronautics event at the Fleet Air Arm Museum (FAAM), which was attended by 151 local primary school students from 9 local schools, and supervised by 50 young professionals from the local aerospace industry.

The aim of the event was to celebrate 150 Years of the RAeS, and 90 Years of the Yeovil Branch, whilst simultaneously inspiring the next generation to pursue a career within aerospace. The day really captured the imaginations of everyone present, and the level of enthusiasm shown by the students was wonderful to see. Due to the success of the event, the FAAM and the schools involved have asked if it can be turned into an annual occasion.


Sharpen your presentation skills by presenting to your peers at YPN events.  

Dominic Wong, Singapore Branch

Hi, I am Dominic Wong, the YPN representative for the RAeS Singapore Branch. I am currently a Partnership and Interline Analyst for Scoot and Tigerair, based in Singapore. My job covers partnering Scoot and Tigerair with a network of other airlines, by providing passengers access to an expanding number of routes and seamless benefits in order to serve the increasing demand of air travel in the region.

 Q: Why do you think the RAeS is important for young aerospace professionals?

The success of the RAeS and YPN is due to the support and network that its members are provided with. The demand of air travel is expected to double over the next two decades; there will be need for more aviation professionals ranging from manufacturing, engineering, operations and management. Being a young aviation professional, RAeS has provided me with networking opportunities and many aviation industry insights. Particularly in terms of the direction aviation is heading over the next years and decades. These have allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of the aviation industry. I can still recall my very first aviation conference (Aerospace Futures 2014) experience in Brisbane, Australia. It was attended by university students, researchers and young aerospace professionals who had just entered the aviation industry. It gave me networking opportunities as well as widening my perspective of the aerospace industry.  A theme which particularly stuck in my mind was that of NASA, and their exploration of the possibility of space mining for natural resources over the next few decades.

 Q: Why did you volunteer for the Young Persons Network?

 Being able to volunteer for the YPN, gives me the opportunity to grow the RAeS Singapore community in terms of member numbers and helps the branch to keep young aerospace and aviation professionals actively engaged in the society and industry. Looking at the YPN network in U.K, Australia and recently in Dubai, has given me the motivation to help build the community here in Singapore as it is a major aviation hub in South East Asia.

Q: How do you aim to improve the service of the RAeS to young members at a local level?

While the community in Singapore is small but increasing, my approach to improve the service of the RAeS to young members at a local level is to increase the presence both at an educational level and through events with external aviation organisations by means of social media. With that, young professionals can further develop their personal and professional potential with these insights and knowledge gained

Q:Tell us about a past or future event for young people in your area:

Recently, in January 2017, a relaunch of the RAeS Singapore Branch event organised by the Fellows of RAeS was held at Flight Experience Singapore. It was attended by university students and aviation professionals ranging from airlines to research to manufacturing and aerospace engineers.

Networking now at an early stage in your aerospace career can pay off later in terms of professional development.


RAeS Young Persons Conference - 6 September 2017

Get set for this years YPN Conference in September.

The RAeS Young Persons Committee is pleased to announce the 2017 Young Persons Conference will be “The Future Aerospace Workplace” and will be held at No4 HP on Wednesday 6 September 2017.

The aim of the conference is to present exciting technologies which could change the way we work in Aerospace in the years to come. The conference aims to inspire delegates with a series of interactive lectures and hands on sessions enabling delegates to try out some early versions of these technologies. It will delivered by a wide range of experienced speakers from within and outside the aerospace industry.

The conference will take delegates through phases of the typical product life cycle and present corresponding topics which could change the way we work in these phases. It is anticipated that topics such Virtual Reality (VR) and Additive Manufacturing (AM) will feature, among others.  

If you are interested in attending or in learning more about what the RAeS offers to young members: visit our page on the RAeS Website; www.aerosociety.com/get-involved/young-persons-network  and join our Facebook group: search for ‘Royal Aeronautical Society Young Members Group’.

This event will also be live streamed through Facebook Live.





News Team
21 March 2017