Every organiser wants their event to be memorable. But how do you achieve that? No.4 Hamilton Place has staged many conferences so we thought we would share the secrets of the ones that have worked best.

Choosing the right venue is of paramount importance. It’s going to be a large part of what forms your guests’ first impression of your event, so it needs to be somewhere really special. When you go on a site visit for the first time, think about how you feel walking up to the venue, going in, walking round, taking in the views. This is your chance to share the experience of your soon-to-be guests, so take it all in. Our Argyll Room is full of Edwardian elegance and the Terrace has beautiful views over Hyde Park. Need we say more?!


Getting people to talk about your event after it has happened is all very well, but if they don’t remember who was hosting it, you aren’t going to reap all the benefits of your hard work. Make sure you use all the branding opportunities a venue can provide. Ask your venue what they can offer, what other companies have done and how they did it. Everything from simple pop-up banners and branding on a lectern, to using 3D technology to enhance the customer experience of your brand.

State-of-the art AV equipment
These days, delegates expect high end projector screens, high speed WiFi, video, live streaming, Tweets walls and no technical hiccups. Make sure your conference doesn’t stand out for the wrong reasons and get the AV side of things perfect. It’s also worth asking about in-house AV technicians, they will know the equipment and what works well at the venue.  Let someone who knows a VGA from an HDMI connection take away any stress that otherwise might fall on your shoulders.

It’s a cliché because it’s true, ‘Content is King’ You need to be 100% sure your speakers are the best in the business and their topics are the ones your delegates want to hear about. It’s worth remembering that interactive sessions boost engagement and learning and diverse subject matter will keep attendees interested. Don’t be afraid to take the occasional risk with your programme. If the gamble pays off, you’re sure to have created an event people will be talking about for months to come. 

Food and drink
Choosing the right food and drink for your conference will immediately put your attendees in a good mood and create a receptive environment in which to deliver your content. Keep in mind the sorts of food that can be eaten with one hand (i.e. canapés or bowls) or organise a sit down meal if more appropriate. Keep meals light and healthy to avoid mid-afternoon slumps at all day events and never underestimate the effect of decent coffee on a room full of tired delegates. 

Special touches
If you’ve followed our advice so far your event will be fabulous, but now you need to think about taking things to the next level. There are lots ways to create a truly memorable event. Some examples include: thoughtful networking introductions, personalised gift bags, themed table decorations, meditation breakout spaces, re-energising outdoor team games… the list really is endless and these clever special touches needn’t cost you a penny. Get your team involved in a brainstorming session, put yourselves in your delegates’ shoes and think creatively about how you could go the extra mile for your guests, without blowing the budget. 

Working with venue staff who understand your vision is hugely important to the success of your event. It’s also imperative that the waiting staff are everything you would expect from a top class restaurant. Give some thought to the first people your guests will meet as they arrive at your event as this will set the tone for their entire event experience. 

What No.4 Hamilton Place has to offer…
Our Bill Boeing Theatre has a staged area complete with a full-size screen which is perfect to display your company’s branding. It is kitted out with all the latest AV equipment and has its own technician so you can be sure everything runs smoothly. Our in-house caterer, foodbydish, produce delicious dishes whatever the occasion or budget. They can also create bespoke menus to fit in with the theme of your event and we can guarantee you’d be proud to have their waiting staff serve your guests. 

If you would like to discuss your next event with a member of our Venue Team call us on 020 7670 4314 or email. Or if you are looking for someone to take on organising every part of the conference from ticketing and marketing then contact the Conference Team on 020 7670 4372 or email.

18 November 2015