The Society are continually looking for ways to spread the content and scope of HQ lectures beyond the traditional method, as we appreciate not everyone can make every lecture. Our specialist group lectures are a rich source of information on the latest developments in those areas of industry as well as providing audible content that highlights the Society as the world’s foremost source of information, knowledge and best practice for the aviation and aerospace industry. 

There are now a number of options to download lecture recordings if you were unable to attend on the evening, or simply to listen to them again. The Society's SoundCloud account has been live for a while but we are pleased to announce that you are able to subscribe to the AeroSociety Podcast via iTunes to listen to past lecture audio. We aim to release the audio from lectures within a week of the lecture, so subscribe and keep an eye out! 

There is a rich catalogue of lecture audio that you can download and work through from a variety of specialist groups over a number of years*. The latest lecture available is a Space Group Lecture, where Sir Martin Sweeting, Executive Chairman, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd and Director, Surrey Space Centre considers the reality of small satellite missions and explores how far they can go. 

* Audio is only released with the permission of the individual speaker, so there may be some lecture audio that we are unable to share.  

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1 April 2014