In the April 2017 issue of AEROSPACE, the RAeS monthly flagship magazine: Dubai’s flying taxis, the importance of regional airlines, Airbus Helicopters’ new generation of rotorcraft and how the UK is working with Turkey to develop a new indigenous stealth fighter.


* Editorial

* Radome – Intelligence/Analysis/Comment - A digest of the top aviation, aerospace and space news from the previous month.

* Antenna − Commentator HOWARD WHEELDON asks whether there may be further UK defence cuts ahead.

* Transmissions − Your letters, emails, tweets and feedback.

* Dubai’s flying taxis − Can Dubai deliver the world’s first automated flying taxi service?

* Regional repercussions − How ERA is assisting regional airlines to compete in difficult economic conditions.

* Stealth partners − The UK is collaborating with Turkey on an indigenous stealth fighter for the Turkish Air Force.

* Centenary countdown − The RAF prepares for its 100th anniversary in 2018 with a forthcoming conference on air power.

* The force awakens − Is it time to review regulatory requirements for pilot control loads based on a pilot’s physical strength?

* Faster helicopters, quicker innovation − How Airbus Helicopters is designing a new generation of rotorcraft.

* Better connections − Inmarsat and Honeywell have developed new satellite broadband systems which can offer faster and more reliable in-flight Wi-Fi.

* An Aeromexico wave to the new 787-9 Dreamliner  − Aeromexico prepares its new Dreamliners for service entry.



  • * President and Chief Executive's message
  • * Book Reviews
  • * Library additions
  • * Minutes of the 151st AGM
  • * Yeovil Branch Cool Aeronautics
  • * NAL survey
  • * NAL Sound Archive
  • * Corporate Partners
  • * Diary
  • * YPN in the spotlight
  • * RAeS Elections
  • * The Last Word - KEITH HAYWARD on the positive role of humanitarian air power.


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News Team
28 March 2017