In the February 2017 issue of AEROSPACE, the RAeS monthly flagship magazine: propellantless space drives - fact or fiction?, an interview with Airbus Executive VP Engineering Charles Champion, modernisation of Indian Navy’s air power and the RAF Harrier in the Cold War.

* Editorial
* Radome – Intelligence/Analysis/Comment - A digest of the top aviation, aerospace and space news from the previous month.
* Antenna − Commentator HOWARD WHEELDON looks at air traffic management in the UK.
* Transmissions − Your letters, emails, tweets and feedback.
* Plane Seaking - Interview with Charles Champion, Airbus Executive VP Engineering
* Going nuclear -The US considers the options to modernise its nuclear arsenal.
* Flights of fancy? Are recent claims to have discovered propellantless propulsion for spaceflight fact or fiction?
* Indian Navy uplift - modernisation of the Indian Navy’s air power
* A longer wait to leave - What impact might Brexit have on passenger transit times at UK airports?
* Baby boomers - Is Boom Technology’s 45-seat ‘Son of Concorde’ supersonic jet design commercially viable?


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* Book Reviews
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* Go for Gold!
* The RAF Harrier in the Cold War
* Washington DC Branch Panel discussion
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News Team
27 January 2017

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