In the January 2018 issue of AEROSPACE: The RAeS monthly flagship magazine:

In January’s AEROSPACE: The RAF’s Airbus A400M Atlas takes the strain of transport operations, Report on the 2017 Dubai air Show, Interview with British ESA astronaut, Major Tim Peake HonFRAeS.

* Radome – The latest aviation and aeronautical intelligence, analysis and comment.

* Antenna – Howard Wheeldon looks ahead at the prospects for the aerospace industry in 2018.

* Atlas shoulders the load – How the RAF’s Airbus A400M is taking up the strain of transport operations.

* Making the best use of space – An overview of the RAeS President’s conference on the commercialisation of space.

* Civil air threat – The risk to civil airliners of flying over war zones.

* Dubai continues to surprise – A report on the 2017 Dubai Air Show.

* Plane speaking – An interview with British ESA astronaut, Major Tim Peake HonFRAeS.

* Manned engineering – Career opportunities in the civil UAV sector for ex-military personnel.

* The Riddle of the Sandys – A look back at Duncan Sandys’ 1957 Defence Review which saw the end of many British aircraft projects.


* Message from our President and Chief Executive
Book Reviews
Library Additions
* Sir Henry Royce Lecture
* YPN event 2017
* Diary
* Corporate Partners

RAeS Elections
* 50-year memberships
* The Last Word - Keith Hayward looks back 70 years at UK aerospace in 1948 and its lessons for today.





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22 December 2017

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