In May 2018 AEROSPACE: Quantum technology for radar and communications, the issues surrounding pilot mental health, concerns over competition and Brexit for regional airlines and the development of air taxis.

* Radome – The latest aviation and aeronautical intelligence, analysis and comment

* Antenna – Howard Wheeldon looks at the rationale behind the ongoing talks between Boeing and Embraer.

* Useful uncertainty - Is quantum technology for radar and communications revolutionary or illusionary?

* Clear air - The RAeS Standing Group for Human Factors in Flight Operations and Training look at the issues surrounding pilot mental health.

* Fighting for the ultimate high ground - The UK MoD is shifting to a new focus in the surveillance, control and defence of space.

* Creating inclusion - Addressing ‘unconscious bias‘ in organisations is not just to encourage corporate diversity and inclusion but can also enhance safety.

* Troubled skies over Europe - There could be trouble ahead for European regional aviation, according to the European Region Airlines Association.

* Air taxis gain lift - An analysis of the latest intellectual property activity in the race to develop flying taxis.


* Message from our President and Chief Executive
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* NAL eBooks
* Cambridge Branch
* Diary
* Corporate Partners
* The Last Word - Keith Hayward considers the implications of the recent Melrose takeover of GKN.

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27 April 2018

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