Members can now access to overĀ 100 of the best technical e-textbooks at a click of a mouse.

As a Learned Society, the Royal Aeronautical Society is pleased to support members in further developing their knowledge and expertise by giving access to over 100 of the best technical textbooks via our new E-books service at

The books cover a wide variety of subjects within aerospace design including:

* aerodynamics, including helicopter aerodynamics, flight dynamics and wind engineering
* propulsion, including gas turbine, rocket and scramjet propulsion
* structures, including aeroelasticity and composite materials
* astronautics, including design and propulsion

Plus a good selection of aero history titles including those on the development of civil aviation, biographies and aviation in World War I & II.

Our aerospace design titles are published by some of the top engineering publishers, including John Wiley, AIAA, Springer, and Cambridge University Press.

This new fully flexible online library allows you to search of information and concepts across the whole library, and, once you have found what you need, you can download separate chapters or even individual diagrams. Once you have created an account, you can then highlight text, add notes and electronically borrow the book for 24 hours.

If you cannot find what you are looking online, or you prefer the feel of paper in your hands, go to to select from over a thousand of the most recent aerospace textbooks to borrow by post. As well as books for work, we have masses of material that would satisfy every aero enthusiast.

This project was supported by a grant from the Royal Aeronautical Society Foundation.

For any enquiries about e-books please contact the librarians at Farnborough via or +44(0)1252 701038/60.

Tony Pilmer
17 April