Do you want some experience in presenting and be recognised with an award? Why not enter this lecture competition.

Each year the N E Rowe Award is presented to the best lectures presented by young members. One award is presented for each category: under 30 and under 25. This is a great opportunity for young members to get involved and contribute with Branch activities, and share your own learning.

The local branches participating in 2017 are: Boscombe Down, Cambridge, Cranfield, Derby, Manchester, Stevenage, UAE and Yeovil. Branches will be independently arranging local competitions so contact your branch to find out their competition dates and how to submit your entry.

To compete, you will need to give an oral presentation to your Branches, and the winners from each local competition will be selected for entry into the National Lecture Competition. The lecture subject may be about any aspect of aerospace and topics associated with the aviation industry. Below is a list of the winners and runners-up from 2016 and their lecture subjects.

Interested in learning how you can participate in your local branch’s competition? Contact to find out more.

N E Rowe Medal Award 2016

Timothy Clarke (U25 - Boscombe Down Branch) – “Adaptive Muzzle Brakes (AMB)”

Paul Mullen (U30 - Yeovil Branch) – “Rotor Blade Aerodynamic Analysis & Design”  

Awarded Certificates of Merit:

Charles Laing (U30 - Stevenage Branch) – “Can Human Centrigugation Make a Mission to Mars Possible”

Hania Mohiuddin (U30 - Manchester Branch) – “The Design, Manufacture & Testing of the Volaticus Human Powered Aircraft”

David Rajendran (U30 - Cranfield Branch) – “Turbine Overspeed Aerodynamics - On the Aerodynamic Performance of an Unlocated Turbine Rotors”

Vijay Trivedy (U25 - Derby Branch) - “Smarter Systems for Smarter Engines - The Rise & Risk of Big Data”


Learn more about the N E Rowe Competition here

Membership Team
24th November 2016