Are you currently writing your bachelors or masters dissertation in Aeronautical Engineering, Air Power or Military History? If you are, have you consulted the RAeS’s National Aerospace Library in Farnborough?

Above: The National Aerospace Library, Farnborough

The NAL has over 30,000 books, pamphlets, journals and technical reports covering all aspects of man’s dream to conquer flight. These include:

  • Contemporary and historic collections including material on aeronautical engineering, aircraft, aerial warfare, civil aviation, aircraft manufacturing, piloting and much much more.
  • 140 subscriptions to current journals.
  • Thousands of technical reports from the Royal Aircraft Establishment, NASA and others.
  • Details of tens of thousands of the best aeronautical journal articles of the last few decades via our catalogue.
  • Historic special collections on:
  • Civil aviation
  • Ballooning and airships
  • Aircraft companies
  • Aircraft models
  • Aviation art



Above: image from the Cayley Notebooks, National Aerospace Library

All members of the RAeS and the public get free access to the library, however, if you pay £44 you can upgrade to the Student Affiliate grade and borrow material for the rest of 2015.

To find out how we can help you with your dissertation:

We look forward to welcoming you to Farnborough!

The National Aerospace Library
1 July 2014