This joint lecture by Airbus and Boeing looks at stall requirements, predictive validation and flight testing. The speakers then highlight where their respective approaches share common ground as well as exploring the areas in which they differ on technical approach. The various ways of designing modern jet transports for the stall regime are discussed. There are aerodynamic approaches, flight deck indications, and augmentation control laws to deal with the high AOA arena. The goal of augmented control laws for high AOA is common – no full aerodynamic stall or loss of climb performance should occur in the Operational Flight Envelope, in Normal flight control modes. The speakers review various flight testing that has been conducted. Flight test peculiarities such as the highly trained nature of company test pilots and the fact that test airplanes are highly instrumented (including tail loads monitoring) are addressed. The presentation closes with a brief foray into what the future of transport stalls. Recorded: March 14, 2013

About the speakers:

Paul Bolds-Moorehead, Senior Lead Engineer, Boeing

Paul Bolds-Moorehead has worked for The Boeing Company in the Commercial Airplanes Group since 1985. He has been the Lead Engineer for all 777 S&C activities since 1997. Paul has more recently added the role of 787-8 S&C Lead Engineer.

Capt Van Chaney, Deputy Chief Test Pilot, Boeing
Captain Van Chaney is the 777 Deputy Chief Test Pilot at Boeing. Chaney conducts flight tests of new aircraft designs and establishes the basic airworthiness of the aircraft and verifies that it functions as designed.

Capt Terry Lutz, Experimental Test Pilot, Airbus
Captain Lutz served as a USAF Fighter Pilot with a follow-on assignment as a Test Program Manager during full-scale development of the F-16. Since 2006 he has worked as an Airbus Experimental Test Pilot in Toulouse, France, and is currently flying all Airbus models.

Stephane Vaux, Flight Test Engineer, Airbus
Stephane Vaux started his career in flight tests in 1997 as Ground Engineer specialised in Handling Qualities and Flight Controls Systems. Vaux has accumulated more than 2100 flight hours on all Airbus aircraft types.

Royal Aeronautical Society
10 September 2013