The General Aviation Group held their 2016 annual conference 'Advanced Design of Light Aircraft - Current and Future Designs'. 

You can view the speaker biographies and synopses as well as the presentations below. 

1) Stability and Control of Fixed Wing Aircraft: Learnings from the Design of a New Aircraft
Joshua McGowan, CFD Engineer, Swift Aircraft

2) Detailed Considerations in the Stressing of an Aircraft Fuselage
David Lunn, Technical Director and Ross Campbell, Graduate Stress Engineer, Fineunit Ltd

3) Hybrid Power in Light Aircraft: Design Considerations and Experiences of First Flight
Dr Paul Robertson, Lecturer, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

4) Efficient Light Aircraft Design – Options from Gliding
Howard Torode, Retired, British Gliding Association

5) The Evolution of the Revolution
Barry Jones, Managing Director, Bulldog Autogyro

6) Aircraft Fatigue Testing
Phil Spiers FRAeS, Head of AMRC Laboratories, Advanced Structural Testing Centre - University of Sheffield

7) Part 21 Proportionality – A Simpler Certification Process for General Aviation
Dominique Roland, Head of General Aviation & Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, EASA

8) Experiences of an E Conditions Competent Person
Alexander Ellin MRAeS, Principa; Lecturer Aerospace Engineering, University of Teeside

9) E Conditions One Year Review and the Future Outlook
Mark Shortman Policy Manager, Civil Aviation Authority

Conferences and Events
14 November 2016