The RAeS and Boeing’s flagship School-Build-A-Plane Challenge (SBAP) created two videos as part of the Society’s 150 celebrations. The first is a 3-minute promotional video that can be used to show our members and corporate partners the importance of such a project in developing skills within the areas of STEM. A full length 10-minute education video has also been commissioned to provide further details about the project.

The videos have gone live on our SBAP YouTube channel and twitter account @SBAP1. Please see the following links:

Watch the 10 Minute Education Video here

The project has been a great success since its inception in 2008, when six schools across the UK were awarded a RANS Coyote II light aircraft kit: Yateley School (Hampshire), Marling School (Gloucestershire), Bridge Learning Campus (Bristol), Ercall Wood Technology College (Shropshire), North East Wolverhampton Academy (West Midlands) and Ernesford Grange Community Academy (West Midlands). 

Three of the schools have completed their plane builds, flown their aircrafts allowing participating students the opportunity to have an experience flight before being sold. The project has seen a tremendous amount of work going into the building of each aircraft to create a marketable end product which has met the airworthiness standards for its category. We hope that 2017 will be another fantastic year for the project.

Rupinder Pamme
6th February 2017