Ercall Wood Technology College’s Rans S-6ES Coyote II light aircraft (G-GWFT), built as part of the School's Build a Plane Challenge, has officially completed its first ‘Presidential Flight’ at the Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport, on 23 April 2016. Lee Balthazor, a Past President of the Royal Aeronautical Society from 2011-2012, finally had the opportunity to keep the promise he had made when President. Lee’s words speak for themselves:

“When I was President I said publicly that when the students had built their aircraft, I would very much look forward to flying in it. This was primarily to show them that I had confidence in what they were doing… This programme has proved an inspiration to many of those involved - students, teachers, volunteers, and to others who have been inspired to start their own build a plane programmes, as well as the many thousands of young people who have seen the aircraft at displays and shows. It is a real privilege for me to have been involved”.

Past President Lee Balthazor with Pilot Graham Wiley

We would like to congratulate Lee Balthazor on his flight, and we hope that this, along with other School’s Build a Plane activities, will encourage others to continue building more light aircraft, and inspire future generations into engineering, STEM, and Aviation.

Please find the video embedded of Lee and Graham’s flight in G-GWFT below:

S Bancroft, R Pamme - SBAP Team
25 April 2016